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9th-13th June 2015
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

By Gilbert & Sullivan

Stage Director (HMS Pinafore): Gill Cogzell
Stage Director (Cox & Box): David Manifold
Musical Director: David Manifold

'Cox & Box' was a collaboration between F.C. Burnard, editor of Punch magazine, and Sir Arthur Sullivan. It's a fast moving one act story of two men renting the same room from the rascally landlord Bouncer. Cox works by day and Box by night, so Bouncer gets double rent for his single room until Cox, having a day off, confronts Box! In the ensuing mayhem, the two tenants learn they've much more in common than simply sharing a room.....

After this heady excitement, we take you off to sea with a traditional setting of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'H.M.S. Pinafore' where Captain Corcoran's daughter, Josephine, falls in love with lowly able seaman Ralph, despite her father's wishes that she marry the First Sea Lord, Sir Joseph Porter. But surely true love must triumph over rank and station?!

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21st - 29th November 2014
The Playhouse, Cheltenham

Book By George S. Kaufman

Music and Lyrics By: George & Ira Gershwin

Stage Director: Mavis Boulton
Musical Director: Sue Black
Choreographer: Gill Cogzell

All is farcical in love and war when Horace J Fletcher (of Fletcher’s American Cheese Co) convinces the US Government to declare war on Switzerland for protesting against a tax on imported cheese. Throw in two pairs of star-crossed lovers, an overbearing mother, corrupt officials, and a man who seems to have stepped out of a Marx Brothers movie, and you have a side-slitting romp that takes a satirical swipe at almost every American institution there ever was.

The Gershwins take on Gilbert & Sullivan at their own game in this hilarious musical comedy whose magnificent score includes The Man I Love and the title number.

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20th - 24th May 2014
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

By Gilbert & Sullivan

Stage Director: Margaret Craven
Musical Director: David Manifold

What does a love affair between a Wandering Minstrel and a Ward of the Public Executioner, an older woman out for revenge, a haughty 'know all', and the Emperor of Japan have in common? You might well ask, but then this is the Topsy Turvey world of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Mikado'.

Written in 1885, The Mikado is packed with toe tapping tunes that were the 'pop' songs of their day, and combined with wonderfully witty dialogue this is a show which provides good fun and all round entertainment.

Chosen by the Cotswold Savoyards to mark their 100th production and given a more modern twist without losing any of the original Savoy splendour, this is one for all the family to enjoy.

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25th - 30th Nov 2013
The Playhouse, Cheltenham

Conceived for the stage by
    Steve Cuden & Frank Wildhorn
Book and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
Music by Frank Wildhorn
Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg
Arrangements by Jason Howland

Stage Director: Sarah Dyer
Musical Director: Allan Gillespie

This gothic musical is an epic tale of the battle between good and evil.

Jekyll & Hyde is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novella about a brilliant doctor whose experiments with human personality create a murderous counterpart. Convinced the cure for his father's mental illness lies in the separation of Man's evil nature from his good, Dr. Henry Jekyll unwittingly unleashes his own dark side, wreaking havoc in the streets of late 19th century London as the savage, maniacal Edward Hyde.

This is a moving and lasting musical theatre experience with songs including Façade, Someone Like Me, This is the Moment and the devastating Confrontation.

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This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York.



4th - 8th June 2013
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

By Gilbert and Sullivan

Stage Director: Simon Moss
Musical Director: David Manifold

The bat in the moonlight flies! it is nearly midnight in the sleepy Cornish fishing village of Rederring and the evil Sir Despard, bad baronet of Ruddygore, desperately seeks a victim, so that he can commit his daily crime. Gilbert and Sullivan’s spookiest show, Ruddygore, is a hilarious send-up of a Victorian melodrama, and is presented by the Cotswold Savoyards in a brand new production, including some music cut soon after the 1887 opening and not heard in Cheltenham before.

Created by the same directorial team that brought you the NODA award winning Pirates of Penzance at the Everyman in 2011, this Ruddygore will be full of crazy new twists, while respecting tradition.

Expect scary effects, stunning musical sequences, madcap characters and a puppet show!!



27th November to 1st December 2012
Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham

By Gilbert and Sullivan

Stage Directors: Keith and Sally Swinford
Musical Director: David Manifold

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A year ago all the girls from the local art college were engaged to the men from the TA. Now, however, the girls have all fallen in love with Bunthorne, a poet.  Unfortunately, Bunthorne loves Patience, a local milk float driver, even though Patience has no feelings for him. In fact Patience cannot see why all the girls are so madly in love with Bunthorne anyway, until Lady Angela explains that to really love someone has to be an unselfish act.

Patience suddenly finds herself face to face with Grosvenor, a street poet and old flame, and the only male that she has ever had any feelings for. She realises that to love him now would be selfish, so immediately agrees to marry Bunthorne, as that would be selfless.  The soldiers think that things will now go back to normal, only to find that the girls have made Grosvenor the object of their affections.

Who will end up with who?

Some feedback from our audiences:

“Consistently great performances, love G&S but enjoy new shows too. Good balance.” - Titanic the Musical, 2012

“Just a fantastic company. I love all your shows.” - Titanic the Musical, 2012

“Over the years we have seen Savoyards on stage and concerts. Always entertaining and of a high standard.” - Utopia Limited, 2011

“Excellent show - thoroughly enjoyed. Good alternative interpretation of the plot” - Utopia Limited, 2011


Saturday 30th June 2012
Town Hall, Cheltenham

Guest Star: Donald Maxwell

Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Cotswold Savoyards presented a Gala Concert, in association with the Rotary Club of Cheltenham North. Accompanied by Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra, a choir of 50 voices and superb soloists including guest star and company President, the international baritone Donald Maxwell, performed selections from Gilbert & Sullivan operas and other musical favourites.




17th to 21st April 2012
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Book by Peter Stone

Stage Director: Paul Scott
Musical Director: Allan Gillespie

On 10 April 1912, RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on its maiden voyage to New York.  The largest, most luxurious ship ever built, and deemed to be ‘practically unsinkable’, it carried over 2,200 passengers and crew, including some of the wealthiest and most influential people of the time.  Four days into its journey, the Titanic struck an iceberg.  Within three hours, the great ship had sunk beneath the waves and less than one third of those on board survived.

To commemorate the centenary of the sinking and the society’s own 50th anniversary, The Cotswold Savoyards are proud to present the multi-Tony award winning musical Titanic.  Based on numerous actual characters aboard the great ship, this show focuses on their dreams, hopes and aspirations – as the story of the launching, the collision with the iceberg, and the sinking is played out against the background of the rigid class-distinctions of the Edwardian Age.
“The greatest American musical to have been written in 15 years.  A score which soars… A masterpiece!” - Sheridan Morley, The Spectator